Stuck in the Web
Tara, Age 9, Kelmscott, Western Australia

When I was playing on my computer,
My sis was so annoying,
Thought I might shoot 'er!

Pressed a button,
Oh, darn, NO!
Got stuck in the 'Net,
What a blow.

Found myself,
On all sorts of sites,
in blues, blacks,
Yellows and whites.

Didn't know where I was,
Thought it a dream,
But then my sister,
Saw me on the computer screen!

My sis gave me a confused wave,
I didn't mind, at least she was safe!

I explained all I knew,
Then I said,
"One more thing, Deb.
Make sure YOU don't get stuck in the Web, too!"

Then we cried,
and I had to say good bye,
That was years ago,
Now please don't shout
I tell you all this because,
I'm still trying to find a way out!

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