Brave Thaila
Sol, Age 10, Lindley, West Yorkshire, UK
Long ago a satyr and two people were being chased by hell hounds, minotaurs, furies and all sorts of dark creatures.

The satyr and the two people were heading for their home school, but they had no chance of getting there and one of the people, Thaila, knew it.

So Thaila told the other two to go down to the home school and that she would stay to give them more time. As she did so, her brave plan began to work. All the dark creatures went for her and not for the others. As she fought the dark creatures, she became tired and the creatures took advantage and killed Thaila. The others had arrived safely at the home school, when they turned round and saw what had happened to Thaila, they screamed so loudly in devastation, that they scared away the remaining creatures.

The next day the god Zeus, who had watched what had happened the night before, took pity on Thaila. So he turned Thaila’s body into a pine tree, sworn to protect the home school forever.

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