Liza, Age 14, Ashburn, VA

Annoyances—they’re a real pain. People might be the most annoying things on earth besides technology. All they do is talk way too much, always get in the way, lie to you, stand way too close to you, and talk on their cell phones far too much.

Talking is something I love to do, but some people just love it way too much. They will sit there and just talk your ear off to the point where you stop listening. I have one friend that does that, and she talks like she knows everything, and that‘s the worst part. Also, all she has to say is gossip, nothing that I want to hear, just plain old gossip. Most of the times I like to hear about what’s going on but sometimes it’s just exhausting trying to keep up.

Another thing I just cannot deal with is people getting in the way. Whether you are in the car, or talking to someone, people are always cutting you off. The other day I was talking to one of my friends and I was mid-sentence and all of the sudden she started ranting on about something I really didn’t care about. But instead of saying something, I decided to just let it go. Then the other day when my mom and I were driving this woman cut right in front of us, and she almost hit us. It was actually really scary.
Standing way too close to me: like come on it’s not necessary. Considering that most people who do that talk so loudly it’s a little ridiculous. I have a personal bubble and I would really like for it to be respected. People just don’t know how to act in front of others.

Cell phones: a great invention but such a pain. People talk on their phones to an extent that is ridiculous. They talk loudly and so obnoxiously. But what are you going to do? Tell a stranger to please be quiet. I don’t think so. I guess they’re just part of our generation that we will have to learn to live with. Annoyances—they’re a fact of life, so I guess we will just have to learn to live with them.

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