Baseball Game
Nick, Age 15, Ashburn, VA

I looked out the window at the huge, brand new field, hoping to get our first win as we pulled into the parking lot. I got out of the truck and walked up to the field. My baseball team, the Phillies, has yet to win a game in the nine that we’ve played. I looked over to the other side of the field to check out the opposition. It is the Nationals. We played them three times before but it felt more like ten. We took some warm-ups and got ready for the game to start. The coach read off the batting order and positions. I bat leadoff and play center. Centerfield is one of my favorite positions, so I am glad to play there. The Nationals took the field and started warming up. The pitcher looked pretty big, but didn’t throw hard. We were really lucky that they didn’t start their star pitcher. He looked about 6’5”, was starting to grow a beard, and was smoking in the parking lot. He also threw about 80 miles per hour and almost drilled me in the head a week before.

I stepped into the box and got ready for the pitch. I took a strike and then hit it straight back to the pitcher. It almost hit him in the ankles but unfortunately he knocked it down with his glove to get the out. They retired the side and we took the field. Danny was starting for us today and had been struggling recently. He got off to a good start and they didn’t score any. Our defense continued to play well and we kept the score close. The Nationals made a pitching change later in the game. I was glad to see that it was a guy we had faced last week that threw pretty slowly and couldn’t throw a strike, though he had an effective curveball. I stepped up to the plate with two runners on and swung at the first pitch, not wanting to see his curveball. It was a little high, but it dropped in over the shortstop. Matt came up to plate with the bases loaded and hit the ball hard over the outfielders. I rounded second, almost catching up to the runner in front of me. I heard my base coach say “hold up” when I got to third, but it was too late, there was no stopping now. I scored standing up as the ball sailed over the catcher’s head. I stopped to watch Matt score as the whole team came out onto the field. The Nationals then made a pitching change. We scored a few more later on to put us up by two coming into the last inning.

We allowed one runner on and then got the first out. Then they hit a hard grounder to the pitcher who spun around to go for the double play. Our shortstop came in to make the catch. The throw was a bit low and he dropped it. It all went downhill from there. They scored two to tie it up, but didn’t stop there. They kept going to score six more, and the umpires finally called the game after we exceeded the time limit. We lost 14-10. The losing streak continues.

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