The Code
Rita, Age 10, Glendale, CA

"Amber go check the mail," Dad said.

So Amber went downstairs. It had been twenty minutes and she was still not back.
Julie, her sister, went to check on her, but she couldn’t find her. But she did see a black car drive off right in front of her. Then Julie screamed because she saw blood drip from the car. She quickly told her parents what she saw.

They called the police. They asked the police, “Whose blood is this?” The police said that this blood led to a website. Quickly, Julie looked up the code, which was 3/13/1896.

This means that in Virginia in 1896, the bad posse had three guys in it. Their lucky but unlucky number was thirteen. That means in 1896 they used to steal thirteen year old girls. This made sense because Amber was thirteen. No one has seen Amber since then. Julie thought for a moment. She was scared because she was twelve. Then she heard a voice saying RUN!!!!!

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