Crazy Day
Nathan, Age 14, Logan, OH

I was out playing basketball one day and saw a strange thing in the sky. The strange thing came down and landed in my yard. I tried to run, but I was taken in to what looked like a UFO. I was inside and a strange blue-green alien said to me, “We are going to Vars.” The strangest thing about the aliens was that they didn’t have legs. The aliens moved around on little stubbles and they didn’t move very fast. I was thinking to myself that I would never get back to Earth. As we got closer to Vars, I could see that it wasn’t very big. Once we landed and the door opened, I saw that there had to be amount 10,000 aliens in a very small area. I knew this wasn’t going to be good.

I knew that the aliens were slow, so I broke their arms to get away. I ran into the ship. There were a lot of buttons on the ship. I just started to hit random buttons. Finally, I hit the right one, and I was on my way back home! I landed the ship in the lake in the forest outside of my town. I will never bring this day up again!

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