A Different World
Mikaela, Age 13, Rockbridge, OH

In October 1950, eight year old Paul Jepson disappeared.

Paul was playing by the pigsty when his mother went inside. Not long after this, he saw a strange woman near the woods not far away. Suddenly, the animals were going wild - whining, crying, and screeching. Paul, a very curious boy, decided to approach the woman. But before he could take a step, she turned and disappeared into the forest.
Paul ran after her. He followed her deep into the woods. Suddenly, she stopped. "Come out, there is no need to hide," she said. Paul came out from behind a tree he had been hiding behind.

"Do you wish to come with me?" the woman asked.

"Where?" Paul was confused.

"To a land far from here," she answered. "You'll never see your friends or family again," she warned.

"Yes." Paul wanted to go. He liked this idea of adventure to a different place. He didn't like the animals or the way his mother told him to do his chores.

The woman nodded. "If you are sure." She placed her hand on a large, old tree and started chanting in a strange language. Suddenly, the world was spinning and changing.
When everything was still, Paul looked around. Things were different, more dark and evil. Paul knew this new world was dangerous. He would have to stay with the woman to survive.

"Come along," she called to him. Paul followed her into the woods, never to be seen again.

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