Everything Goes Dark
Kelly, Age 15, Ashburn, VA

                      BANG; a slam of a red door
With the look of a red face
With thoughts still burning
Minds still rolling
Your feet run
And then you fall

itís white
whiter than the paper
you fall
& everything goes dark

you let your mind drift away
as the snow sneaks into your shoes
& then you are gone
like that.

Your anger relieved
Youíre deep in sleep
Away with your dreams
with the stinging thoughts you have

you know not forever
but do you really know that?
you donít care
'cause youíre in your own world

fulfilling the un-fulfilled dreams
living the lifeless life
in this fantasy
'cause itís not real.

but when youíre gone,
fallen in the snow
no one to notice
it feels real.

realer than anything else
farther away from life as possible;
but no one knows

you donít know for how long
but does that matter
to you?

you want to be far away
but youíll miss
the realness of this

You won't miss the screaming fights
The horrible yelling
The slamming of doors
Or all this escaping
But when you wake
cold & lonely
lost & helpless
youíll feel like nothing

because in your
you were

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