Extra Practice
Moriah, Age 14, Rockbridge, OH

It was eight o'clock p.m. I had just finished my two and a half hour volleyball practice. And one hour of that was plyometrics conditioning. After I was done talking with my teammates and their parents, we all walked outside. They all lived within twenty minutes away. I, on the other hand, lived an hour away.

Madison and I were the last ones to leave. Our coach wanted to stay and wait with us, but we insisted that she go back to her apartment to study with Dani, her roommate. After fifteen minutes, we decided to call our parents to make sure that they were on their way. Madison got ahold of her mom. She would be here in fifteen minutes. The icy wind whipped through my hair. I shivered and jumped around trying to keep my toes from feeling numb. I sure wished my ride would get here.

When I couldn't get ahold of my mom, we walked back inside so I could call her. She was going to get here in forty-five minutes to an hour. Madison had already left, and Brad was coaching so I couldn't talk to him. I was thinking wonderful, no one to talk to. Steve said that could practice with the 16's teams. Within forty-five minutes, I had mastered my float serve, which Gracie had been helping me with earlier. Steve said that I was looking better while I was serving and that I had improved from when I walked into my practice, three hours before. I'm glad that my mom came to pick me up from practice late.

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