Fiddlefump and Giddygoo
Kevin, Age 14, Ashburn, VA

“Fiddlefump and Giddygoo,”
The baby dappled in the zoo
The zebra logpled, the horse kred
All at what the baby had said
“Doodledat and hiffieyogoogo
Wattiewat ettie foohoohoo?”
The baby questioned while being led
To where all the animals were being fed

“Loodlelop and chimmiechoo
dizzledat and dattledoo”
the baby said with utmost dread
Alas, it was time to wranger to bed

“Fizzledot and iffiecloo,”
He told the animals to do
All with his single head
The animals delappled off the shed.

When the baby got home, with a slight fiddoo
He did what all sneaky babies do
He crawled up the stairs, past the photo of a wed
Quiet as could be, he swept into bed

Dreaming of the place he knows he knew
Dreaming of words like “chilichi and williewoo!”
Dreaming of the time he would again see Ped
Dreaming of going back to the place named Fied.

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