Gone from Earth
Nathan, Age 14, Logan, OH

In mid-October 1950, eight-year old Paul Jepson disappeared from a farm. People have told stories about his disappearance, but here is what really happened. On the planet Zeon, there was a food shortage. Aliens were looking for someone who would know how to plant food and make it grow well. Their search was not going well. They were about to go back home when they saw a little eight-year old boy in the middle of the field planting seeds. They watched the plants grow, and they knew that they had their person. They were going to take him with them to Zeon.

It was a hot day when Paul went out to see the pigs. He said goodbye to his mother. What he didn’t know was that that would be the last time he would say that to his mother. The aliens were waiting for him in the barn. They had their ship behind the barn. They put a gas in the barn that would make humans pass out. Paul went into the barn and the next thing he knew he was in something that had lots of lights and buttons. An alien said, “You are with us now.”

Paul was told that he would plant his seeds that they took from the barn. He was to grow their food so that the aliens on the planet would not starve. When they got to the planet, Paul planted the seeds. A few months later, nobody was starving. They had plenty of food.

The aliens had wiped out Paul’s memory of his prior life with his mother. He could not remember anything from before he was captured. Today, Paul is still living in Zeon, and the aliens treat him like a king. That is the real story of what happened to Paul Jepson.

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