Jeffrey and Luke
Kyle, Age 14, Ashburn, VA

Once upon a time, there lived two boys. Like Batman and Robin, these two boys were special since birth, and now the world will know The Legend of Jeffrey and Luke.

A few centuries ago, there lived two men with the names of Jeffrey and Luke. Jeffrey was born with unique super powers that no other man in the universe owned. To this day, people still wonder how Jeffrey was born with such incredible powers. His parents were as normal as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; nevertheless, he was born with incredible powers. Before he had the chance to use these powers, he had to go to school with all the normal kids and learn. On his first year in grade school, Jeffrey didn’t know better, so he had decided to use his laser vision (just one of his millions of powers, including invisibility, super strength, super speed, the ability to stretch far, etc.), and went into the school through the path he made with his laser vision. No one saw Jeffrey do this, except one kid, and after this event, Jeffrey and Luke would end up being best friends for eternity.

His name was Luke. Luke was a regular kid just strolling through ready to start first grade and was behind Jeffrey walking to school. He saw the laser vision and was astonished. He sat next to Jeffrey in class, and when it was time recess, he started talking to Jeffrey. “So, Jeffrey, do you have any cool super powers,” Luke asked.

“No, why do you ask?” Jeffrey wondered.

“LIAR, I saw you use your laser vision in the beginning of the day,” Luke screamed.

“Please, Luke, please don’t tell anyone, it’s very important to me,” Jeffrey explained.

“Alright, I won’t. Want to hang out after school?” Luke asked. Jeffrey said yes and that started the friendship.

After school, Jeffrey and Luke decided to hang out. Luke and Jeffrey had a long talk. After talking for hours, Luke asked whether he could become a superhero also. Jeffrey responded by explaining that he did not know if he could. He tried three times, and it didn’t work, but then on the fourth try, Jeffrey really tried this time, and poof, just like that, Luke was also a superhero.

The first real action that Jeffrey and Luke got into was the day that evil Squidward Tentacles took over Bikini Bottom and eventually the whole Pacific Ocean. Jeffrey and Luke had to put a stop to this garbage. First, Jeffrey and Luke tried using their fire breathing powers, but failed. You have to remember that this was Jeffrey and Luke’s real fight, and it was their longest. Then, realizing that they couldn’t do it by themselves, Jeffrey and Luke called for their new Pokemon pets, Treeko and Bulbasaur, which they bought off eBay. They helped, but after taking a lot of damage, they fainted. Then, after remembering all the fine moments of watching Spongebob Squarepants, Luke and Jeffrey used their annoying Spongebob and Patrick laugh (one of their millions of powers). They made Squidward unconscious for a quick minute. By then, he was sent to jail and never got out again.

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