Amanda, Age 14, Alameda, CA

Iíve got a friend named Jake
Heís a ripe fifteen with some bad luck
His life usually sucks
Last week he took a swim
His sister Lilith was closest to him
A boat came and took Lilith away
Jake now takes days off to pray
He rides his bike around the city
Like he could actually be free
He carves Godís name into trees
Because it can never be
If Godís around
Where are those puffy clouds?
Why is there war?
Why is no one rich but poor?
Why isnít life what we had hoped for?
Lilith now sits in the boring gray sky
Yelling at the distraught passerby
ďLifeís a bit of give and take
I wish I had taught that to my brother Jake
Everyone dies, not everyone lives
They sure could take but never could give
Lifeís poker so make the bets
Take a risk and have no regrets
Believe me, since Iím no longer alive
Everything can pass in the blink of an eye
Donít waste your time staring up at the sky
Stop worrying about yesterday
Because at least this moment is OK
God knows what heís doing
Forget the worldís evil or your life will be ruined.

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