Michael's Bad Day
Bryan, Age 13, Logan, OH

"We're here," Jack said, shaking Michael awake. Michael rubbed his eyes and wrapped his ear-buds around his MP3. The bus stopped in front of the school. "Bonus oriens, Abyssus..." Michael muttered under his breath, stepping off of the bus into the cold morning air. He hated school, he hated getting up early, and he hated having to spend eight hours a day with a horde of morons who didnít even use proper grammar.

As soon as he got off the bus, a fist came out of nowhere and collided with his jaw. He stumbled backwards a bit, barely managing to not fall onto the cement sidewalk. "Leave my girlfriend alone, nerd," Curtis said.

"Tell me, why should I do something for her that she'll never do for me?" Michael asked. A punch to the stomach was the only response he got, and Curtis disappeared.

Michael slammed his locker and stood up, only to get shoved into it by Curtis. "Where did you c-" he was cut off by another shove.

"Come on, fight! Or are you too much of a wuss?" the future drop-out taunted. Michael dodged another shove and walked to first period. "That's right! Run sissy!" Curtis shouted.

Michael chuckled and turned. "I'm not gay, your mom'll vouch for me!"

The phone rang loudly in the middle of third period when Mr. Smith was going over basic physics. "Uh-huh...yeah...I'll send him right down." He said, and hung up. "Michael, you're wanted in the principal's office," Mr. Smith said.
"Oh sh-"

"What?" Mr. Smith stopped him.

"Shouldn't you give me a hallpass?" Michael quickly answered. The science teacher handed him one and sent him to the office. Passing by the teachers' lounge, which was beside the principalís offices, Michael saw Curtis sitting in one of the chairs, looking as homicidal as ever. Michael hurried to the office. Already knowing what it was about, his parents were going to kill him...

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