What Is Her Name?
Naomi, Age 15, Bluffton, SC

What is her name? That girl that he sees constantly. Could she be the one, the one with the copper skin, that one, that one! The one with the brownish gold mane, the one where when he hears her laugh he goes insane. And when he sees her eyes but not the color he begins to wonder, could they be blue or grey? Maybe it's a surprise, all he knows is that he loves her eyes. But what is her name, that one that one with the brownish gold mane?

Her angelic face has danced into his life, abducted his heart then conquered his mind. He soon decides to approach her and regain it, but that quickly fails when she turns around and smiles. He is captured by her but he won't back down. He pulls her into his chest, her eyes slightly closed, and places her featherlike hand on his shoulder, her scent is light, he is on the verge of surrender and is ready to let it suffocate him. Finally, he leans closer, his forehead caresses hers, she is his prisoner. This is his time, and this time he'll get what he wants, what he deserves...

His lips ache for another so they dance, not close enough for them to kiss, but close enough to feel her lip gloss, her honey Vanilla lips gloss. It is time for him to break the curse, he tells her his, now he will learn hers, he'll finally ask her, that one, that one with the brownish gold mane...

"What is your name?"

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