Taylor, Age 14, Shanghai, China

To tell myself it's gonna be okay
Is foolish.
It never will be
There is always a dark cloud
Hanging over us
Telling us down.
Our time in life
Is trying to figure out how
To ignore it,
Not how to make it go away.
I can't think of much
At the moment.
He made my nerves light up
And now they are numb.
He made my heart leap
And now it is flat.
He made me smile always
And now my lips don't move.
How does one person
Change you so much?
How can your body
React to one touch so fiercely?
How can your heart
Do as many gymnastics
As mine did when he looked at me?
It's never gonna be okay,
Never gonna be the same.
Never gonna be the best.
Not if life keeps up this way,
With so many disappointments.
I always say,
“Next time,
I won't give my heart so easily.”
But my heart doesn't want to be held by me.
It wants to be given.
I know my vow will last.
Will my heart
Be found on my sleeve.
Will it be given easily.

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