Pet Peeves
Kayla, Age 15, Ashburn, VA

Do you have any pet peeves, or anything that completely annoys you? I sure do.

Typically, I am an easy-going, easy-to-get-along-with kind of person, but, I will admit, I have my list of annoyances, too. Most of them are just small things, like chain mail and allergies, but there is just one thing that absolutely annoys me: people who insist they're right, when, in fact, they're wrong! My sister is very guilty of this. I can't tell you how many fights we've had just because she refuses to believe she's wrong. I guess it hasn't gotten across to her yet that it's alright to be wrong sometimes. Must be an older sister thing.

Just the other day, my sister and I got into a pretty big argument. We were watching a college soccer game when we heard a tune in the background. It would come on periodically and end abruptly. Becoming irritated, my sister finally said, "What is that? It's so annoying!"

"Dunno, sounds like people stomping their feet," I said casually.

"It's definitely not. It sounds like the band," she continued to say while giving me a snotty look.

"Okay, whatever."

Wrong answer; apparently she took this as some sort of challenge because for the next ten minutes, she would rewind the game, play the tune back, and tell me to 'listen carefully.' Okay, so maybe I could kind of understand what she was hearing, but I couldn't just give her the satisfaction of being right, again! Back and forth, we continued to argue, neither one of us giving in. Then my mom walked in the garage door, and we convinced her to listen to the tune and tell us what she thought.

"Sorry, Kayla, but it does sound like drums."

Darn. Not quite the answer I was looking for. My sister immediately gave me this nasty smirk, like she was saying, "I told you so!" I tried to think of a witty comeback, but I could already see the enjoyment she found proving me wrong. For the rest of the game, I sat quietly on the opposite side of the room, avoiding saying anything else.
Although I lost that time, I beat my sister another time. For example, just the other day, a football game was on the television while my sister and I were in the kitchen making lunch. I quickly glanced at the T.V. to see who was playing, but I couldn't remember the team names. I asked my sister if it was the Green Bay Packers playing, and she said, "No, it's the Giants. Why would the Packers have a giant 'G' as their symbol? Packers, Kayla."

I can't explain it, but when she tries to prove she's right to you, her voice changes. It changes to this arrogant, I'm-right-you're-wrong kind of tone, like she wants to make you feel like an idiot (anyone with a sibling knows what I'm talking about). Anyways, it just so happens that at this very moment, my brother was walking by, so I quickly asked him who was playing.

"Green Bay Packers," he said.

My sister and I turned and stared at each other for a moment. I could tell she was trying to come up with an excuse, but to no avail. Her eyes narrowed and I could see the frustration flood over her face. She glared at me with such anger in her eyes, I almost felt a little guilty. I can't tell you how good it felt to catch her in a moment of stupidity, though. Finally, I had won. I secretly wanted to rub it in like she had done to me so many times before, but...oh, who am I kidding?

"Knew it! Why would they have a giant 'G'? Green Bay, April," I said mockingly.

Too harsh? Maybe, but let me just say, totally worth it.

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