Daniel, Age 13, Nelsonville, OH

All was still in the pool except for the turtle poking its head out of the water. Something was hiding amongst the trees. It was creeping up on the pool. Yet the turtle still sat there innocently unaware of the creature.

The animal got closer and closer, silently stalking its prey. The turtle still sat there relaxing in the sun while his death was closing in on him. The predator was almost at the edge of the pool now, directly behind the turtle.

The turtle was now getting ready to go under and look for some food. And at the same time the silent predator was getting ready to strike on its unsuspecting victim. Then they both made their move at the same time: the predator leapt forward just as its prey went under. It missed by an inch. It swam to the side wet and embarrassed. It failed in its hunt. It walked away knowing it would be back sometime to try again. Meanwhile the turtle was completely unaware of the whole incident.

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