Scary Story
Kerrigan, Age 14, South Bloomingville, OH

The gravel road was an icy mess. The family car was careening down a hill towards our neighbor’s barn. We were out of control. I was screaming when we hit the bottom of the hill. Out of nowhere, our neighbor’s daughter ran out in front of us.

My dad swerved and hit the barn. My mom jumped out of the car and grabbed the little girl. She was covered in blood. She was crying and she begged us to help her mom. When we went in the house, we couldn’t believe what we saw. She screamed. Mrs. Smith had been murdered.

When the police came, they got our statements, took Lucy to the hospital, and told us to go home. I was so scared my mom decided to send me with my father to my grandma’s house. My mom thought I needed to get away for a couple of days. While the police were investigating, the home the phone rang.

“Chief Peters, I know you are investigating, and the family who turned me in will die a brutal, painful death,” the man said.

Chief Peters rushed policemen to our house, but it was too late. The man had done just like he said. Chief Peters called my father and we came home. I went to my room to get some things, and I found a note. The note said, “I will find you, and you will die like your mother.”

The police never found the man. Every day I live in fear. Will he find me? I am in college now, my freshman year. My father was helping me settle in. Before he left, he gave me a kiss and told me he loved me. That night I awoke to this eerie sound. The floor creaked, I heard deep breathing. The man pulled me up against the wall, and held a knife to my neck.

I was fighting him, screaming. I pulled his mask off. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my father.

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