My Sister
Michaela, Age 14, Portland, OR

I love my sister's eyes. I love how they make me want to be happy because she is. I love the way they seem like they have melted into pools of luscious, velvety chocolate. I love the way they glint like shining stars in the light. I love how they are big and innocent like her soul. I love how long her lashes extend, as if every time she blinks she will fly.

I love my sister's smile, the perfect tips of her lips always seem to spread to each end of her plump adorable cheeks, how when she smiles the whole atmosphere around her glows with happiness. The people who get her true genuine smile are the lucky ones.

I love my sister's hair. Each piece a different shade. Her soft brownish hair reminds one of a much loved teddy bear. Her hair bounces on her fine shoulders with each step she takes. Her hair matches her personality. I love when in the sun her true succulent highlights naturally shine on her head.

I love being around her. When she is around me my energy goes up and my mind becomes fun and creative. I love how she is always there for me, always having a shoulder that I can lean on when needed. When I talk she can relate, there is no awkwardness, no need to explain. I love the hours we can spend laughing over memories that we have created, those hours are endless.

I love my sister and I know she loves me. She is always forgiving and loyal. We together shall always be best friends. We will always be there for each other despite the situation. We will always have fights, like many siblings do. But in the end, we will always love each other, always be sisters. And I will always, always love MY sister, Madeleiene.

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