The Start
Grace, Age 13, Logan, OH

The icy wind whips through my hair. I shiver, jumping around, trying to keep my toes from feeling numb. I sure wish my ride would hurry up. I've been waiting here forever. For Nick, my soon to be boyfriend. I hope. He's driving me to practice. I am a volleyball player. While Nick's a basketball player. We are the same age, but have been friends for a while. It's a little awkward. He has a girlfriend, and the girlfriend is a friend of mine. So, I can't really say anything about it.

"Oh finally"

Nick's here. I get in the car and say, "Hey!"

We drive to practice, just talking about what colleges we are looking forward to visiting. I'm looking at going to Florida State, because they have a good volleyball team.

We pull up to practice and say our goodbyes.

After graduation, a few weeks later, I go up to Nick and I start to say my goodbyes because I am heading to Florida State University. I have got my acceptance letter and will be playing volleyball there.

Nick says, "I've got good news."

"What?" I say.

Nick replies, "I'm also going to Florida State University."

I am so excited. I run and give him the biggest hug ever!

Then Nick says, "Okay, we better get going."

"Huh" is the only response I can think of.

"I'm coming with you, of course!" Nick states.

Then we both hop in the car and set off to start our lives together.

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