True Satisfaction
Laura, Age 15, Apex, NC

Life is crazy, life is short.
Always wanting more and more.
It is a roller coaster--up and down.
One day a smile, the next a frown.
Never content with what you have.
Can't wait until the next new fad.
That one guy or that one girl.
That drug that puts you in another world.
You keep chasing after all the wrong things.
More and more pleasure from worldly cravings.
Feeling hopeless, unwanted, and lost.
You will do anything for love, no matter the cost.
Getting involved in the wrong crowd.
No matter where you turn, you let yourself down.
Trying to hide pain by cutting your wrist.
Checking mistakes right off your list.
You feel abandoned and filled with shame.
But there is someone who will give you a new name.
He cares for you more than you will know.
Run to Him and He will never let go.
Change your old ways and follow the cross.
For He gives sight to the blind and saves the lost.
Do not look to the world or anything you can buy.
But look to Christ; He can fully satisfy.

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