The Tunnel
Melanie, Age 14, Logan, OH

As I pulled into the tunnel to escape the rain, things didn't feel right. I couldn't see a thing. It felt like my wife and I were flying in the sky. I wish that's what happened that day. But the truth was that it was just us in a dark and cold tunnel.

Never will I be able to find the words to describe what happened that day. She was there, then gone. I know that's something you only hear in stories right? Well this was my story. My reality!

There are many myths and opinions about what happened to my wife. Some people say she stepped in a time machine. Others say that she ran off into the darkness, afraid of something. I believe that she was kidnapped. Sometimes I go to that tunnel to see if I can find anything. The only thing I've ever seen was a note written in the dirt saying, "I'll love you forever," which made me think that she was now a ghost in my presence.

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