They're Twins
Jillian, Age 14, Ashburn, VA

To everyone who does not know me, I am a twin. I have a brother and his name is Michael. It’s really not such a huge deal though. It’s like having a sibling, except he just so happens to be the same age as me.

People are always asking me, “Do you guys look alike? Are you guys fraternal or identical?” (And then I say well DUH we’re fraternal cause of the two different genders here.)

“Are you two really close or do you fight a lot? Do you guys have the same friends? Who’s older?” (In case you are wondering, he is). Someone actually asked me if we share clothes…but they were kidding, I think. Another odd question was if we shared a room. Uh no, that would be awkward; besides, my belongings in my room would not be able to combine with my brother’s things. Then the people who just know me and not Michael ask things like, what does he look like? Who does he hang out with? Is he cool? Okay, I DON’T KNOW if he’s cool—he’s my brother. Honestly, some of these questions just make me laugh.

I personally don’t think we look alike at all. But you know people have their opinions and some say “OMG, you guys look so much alike!” Or “I totally see the resemblance!” Yeah well we both have different eye and hair colors, his nose is a lot bigger than mine, his face and whole body type is thinner and he is definitely taller than I am. I’m just saying.

This year going to a whole new school with new people has brought on all those questions and reactions. And I know for a fact that we are not the only freshman twins. I have met a ton of new people this year, but when I introduce myself, it’s not like I say, “Hi! My name’s Jillian and I am a twin.” People usually find out by themselves from other people telling them or by my accidentally mentioning my brother in conversation. Then they usually ask how old he is and then I answer, “Oh, we’re twins.” Then BOOM, just like that they say, “You’re a twin? Whoa I didn’t know that!
Why didn’t you tell me?”

It’s been a long year of that kind of stuff so far, and it is kind of interesting to see everyone’s reaction and the kinds of questions they ask.

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