A Visit with Grandparents
Katie, Age 13, Rockbridge, OH

Nina and Jen made snow angels on their grandmother's front lawn. It was great to be at grandma's house on a snowy day. At her house they would always go sledding, build snowmen, have snowball fights, and after all of that they would go inside and drink hot chocolate. Nina and Jen lived in Florida, so they had only seen snow when they visited their grandparents.

Nina and Jen were ecstatic when their parents told them they were going to Ohio to visit them. The sisters very rarely were able to see their grandparents because of the long distance between them. Nina and Jen would only see their grandma and grandpa every Christmas or Thanksgiving, but now they were visiting in February and this was very special to them.

At their grandparentsí house the sisters played in the snow until their toes were numb because they were having so much fun. They even convinced their grandma and grandpa to come out in the snow along with them. They owned a small dog and he played in the snow with the family also. The family was enjoying their time together so much and the sisters didn't want to return to Florida.

As soon as Nina and Jen got home they had to tell their parents all about their visit. Their parents were waiting for the girls to finish their story to tell them that they were moving to Ohio near their grandparents. The girls were so happy and excited about the big news! They couldn't wait to be together as one big family.

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