An Amazing American Airman
Karen, Age 12, Virginia Beach, VA

Two years ago in April, we bid a fleeting farewell to you.
It was not just sunny skies that day that wore the color blue.
In Pepere's footsteps, you perambulated paths at Lackland Air Force Base.
My heart shattered into pieces, tears filled my eyes, yet, fell not upon my face.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whispered the planes engine’s as it flew higher in the air.
An airman's Air Force uniform, pressed perfectly, proudly you'd wear.
It was exciting to take the trip to Texas known as the "Lone Star State."
What a proud moment it was for us all, as we watched you graduate!

Like a solid, stone statue, you stood still at attention in line.
My heart was so happy to see this big, blue-eyed brother of mine.
Eyes gazing forward, tiny tears trickled down upon your slim, suntanned face.
There is nothing in this whole wide world that could ever take your place.

We toured the historic battle site of the famous Alamo.
Davy Crocket's last breaths were breathed, upon this ground so hallowed.
A stone memorial reminds us of the plight that brought those to their grave.
Like our fallen heroes, you now defend the home of the free and the brave.

The Air Force life you've chosen has become a regular routine.
'Round the world you travel, and tend to KC-10 flying machines.
I say a prayer for you each night, and keep you tucked safely in my heart.
This man, who's an amazing American airman, was my brother from the start.

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