Angel's Wish & Satan's Curse
Daniel, Age 12, Vancouver, BC

Dear Boys,
May your girlfriends like you.
May your peers never say, “boo!”
May you always have clean socks.
May you never get chicken pox.
May your parents always be nice.
May your hair never have lice.
May you always have a nice sister.
May you never be sinister
May your school marks be fantastic.
Most importantly of all…
May you always be loved!

No, angel, none of that should happen.
Anyways, angels are misshapen.
So my boy, listen to my tale,
Since I have the pretty red tail.
I am the Satan!

May you be trampled by an ox.
May you be locked up in a box.
May you drink a poisoned drink.
May your socks always stink.
May your girlfriends always hate you.
May your best friends swear at you.
May you always lack cooperation.
May you be deformed by an operation.
May your report card be a nightmare.
Most importantly of all…
May you always be cursed!

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