Enough Love
Caroline, Age 16, ID

I work four days a week, or at least that’s what I am told
Twenty-one children in just four days, one just seven months old
With so many children I see, it’s hard to catch my breath
For some so sweet and kind, and others could be my death

On the second and fourth days, I go to the Fruthes
A family with six children, I am telling the truth!
One single boy amongst five girls, he is a joy to me
Everyday I come he runs to my car giggling with glee

All the girls in that family, I hold very dear to my heart
Each one has pushed me to womanhood, which is hard to outsmart
I’m reminded of simple happiness in the faces of these girls
They are just so precious, far more valuable than my pearls

The other days I work at a pool with fifteen children more
My sign displays my name; children sit on the floor
When I call their names, they come running with all their might
Once I ask, “Who wants to go first?” they all begin to fight

First we practice going under the water, for some it is not fun
When I mention the word “Bobs” some seem to want to run
Every child, no matter how old, loves to do monkey arms
While doing them, the kids who were so scared now seem charmed

Every time I leave these jobs I feel more blessed than before
When I started to pour my love out, I could not imagine more
But as time went on I discovered, God gives you just enough
God has given me more love to give, and it is not that tough!


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