Molli and Ebony
Cassidy, Age 9, New South Wales, Australia

Once upon a time Molli Trustcott lived in a big house. She loved every part of it but not her room. It was too small. Molli couldn't even fit in her room. Really. Ebony was Mollie's best friend. Ebony was surprised by Molli's room. It was weird. How could she sleep or live? Mollie slept in the bath. It was very comfortable. Ebony lived in a big house and was very rich. Ebony had a big room and a pool table room. She also had a giant pool, spa room and backyard in the house. Ebony had a real jungle in the house, which she could use just for games. She used it to build out of trees and pretend she lived in the jungle. She even had some clothes made out of animals fur like what they have in the jungle.
Molli went to Ebony's house everyday. She wondered why they were friends. She was rich, Molli was poor. Ebony liked her for who she was; she did not care what she looked like or how much money she had. Ebony was not the judging type. She was kind and sweet. She was never mean. Molli went to Ebony's house for dinner and it turned out to be a three day sleepover.

It was the last day of school holidays and Molli was packing to move to a island because she couldn't afford her house. Ebony came over that day and was wondering why the moving van was there and why they were packing. The truth came out and she was shocked. Ebony didn't want her friend to leave, so she asked her to live with her, and now Molli is adopted and is rich.

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