Katie, Age 13, Corbett, OR

The snow is shining in her mysterious way
The winter fairies have come out to play
Until springtime shoos them away
And they drift, giggling, into the bay

A bunny hops across newborn grass
The lake is like a mirror of glass
A bird zooms by far too fast
While a gentle breeze meanders past

A hot, hot day, filled with lemonade
Everyone craves for a bit of shade
Jumping in the brook is the newest rage
“You should come in!” most people bade

The trees are splashed with red and gold
It starts to get a wee bit cold
The forest shakes off its leaves of old
And the wind whispers stories untold

While seasons go as fast as they come
And it may seem like a circular run
Just remember ‘ere each year is done
To make the most of your next trip ‘round the sun

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