My Vacation
Ayush, Age 10, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

When we went out of the station,
It was when we wanted to have vacation.
The place was situated in Rajasthan,
On the way we met a person named Mann.

We went there for three days,
I had to think of many ways
Because there was nothing to do,
Except hearing birds which go Cuckoo.

I had to do interesting things in this time,
Instead of sitting in my room and eating sweet lime.
I wanted to play cricket
But on the first ball I lost my wicket.

Then I played a match of badminton,
Defeated Mom in game of singleton.
So I had an enjoyable vacation,
With lots of cricket and badminton.

(I wrote this poem on my last week of vacation in Rajasthan. Since there was no TV in the resort, I wrote down a few lines.)

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